Package org.ujac.util.exi

Interface Summary
ExpressionOperation Name: ExpressionOperation
Description: The interface for expression operations.
ExpressionType Name: ExpressionType
Description: The interface for expression types.

Class Summary
AncestorDefinition Title: AncestorDefinition
Description: Helper class for definitions of ancestors.
BaseExpressionOperation Name: BaseExpressionOperation
Description: A base implementation for the ExpressionOperation interface.
ConditionResultHolder Name: ConditionResultHolder
Description: Holds results of conditional evaluations.
ConstantOperand Name: ConstantOperand
Description: A class implementing operands holding constant values.
DocumentationGenerator Name: DocumentationGenerator
Description: A class generating the documentation for the type handlers according to the meta data, provided through the ExpressionType and ExpressionOperation interfaces.
ExpressionContext Name: ExpressionContext
Description: A class holding all relevant data, needed to execute expressions.
ExpressionInterpreter Title: ExpressionInterpreter
Description: Interpreter for expressions fitting into the following syntax.
Basically an expression consists of an object, an operation and an operand: ${object operation operand}
The operation and the operand are optional.
The object can be an expression itself, so encapsulation of expressions is possible.
ExpressionTuple Title: ExpressionTuple
Description: A class holding expression tuples: object, operation and operand.
NullType Name: NullType
Description: A class used as key for the NullValueType handler.
Operand Name: Operand
Description: A common implementation for operands.
Operation Name: Operation
Description: A class specifying expression operations.
SequenceIndex Title: SequenceIndex
Description: A class implementing a mutable number number used for sequence indices.
VariableOperand Name: VariableOperand
Description: A class implementing operands holding variables.

Exception Summary
ExpressionException Title: ExpressionException
Description: A class used to report exceptions, that occur in class ExpressionInterpreter.
NoOperandException Name: NoOperandException
Description: An exception that is thrown if a requested operand is not defined.
OperandException Name: NoOperandException
Description: The base class for operand related exceptions
OperandNotSupportedException Name: OperandNotSupportedException
Description: An exception that is thrown if an operand is defined, but no one is supported at the speecific method.
TypeCastException Name: TypeCastException
Description: An exception that is thrown in case a type cast failed.

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