Package org.ujac.util.template

Interface Summary
ExpressionFilter Name: ExpressionFilter
Description: A filter for expressions.
TemplateInterpreter Name: TemplateInterpreter
Description: Description of the class.
TemplateInterpreterFactory Name: TemplateInterpreterFactory
Description: Description of the class.

Class Summary
AssertToken Name: AssertToken
Description: Represents an _assert_ statement.
BaseConditionToken Name: BaseConditionToken
Description: A base class for condition tokens.
BaseTemplateInterpreter Name: TemplateInterpreter
Description: Description of the class.
CallprocToken Name: CallprocToken
Description: Represents a _callproc_ statement.
DefaultTemplateInterpreter Name: DefaultTemplateInterpreter
Description: Default TemplateInterpreter implementation.
DefaultTemplateInterpreterFactory Name: DefaultTemplateInterpreterFactory
Description: The default TemplateInterpreterFactory implementation.
DefineToken Name: DefineToken
Description: Represents a _define_ statement.
ElseifToken Name: ElseifToken
Description: Represents an _elseif_ statement.
ElseToken Name: ElseToken
Description: Represents an _else_ statement.
ExpressionToken Name: ExpressionToken
Description: Represents an expression token.
ForeachToken Name: ForeachToken
Description: Represents a _foreach_ statement.
IfToken Name: IfToken
Description: Represents an _if_ statement.
LogToken Name: AssertToken
Description: Represents a _log_ statement.
PageVariablesExpressionFilter Name: PageVariablesExpressionFilter
Description: A filter for page variable expressions ${pageNumber} and ${pageCount}.
ProcedureToken Name: ProcedureToken
Description: Represents a _procedure_ statement.
StaticToken Name: StaticToken
Description: Represents an static token.
TemplateContext Name: TemplateContext
Description: A class holding all relevant data, needed to execute templates.
TemplateRoot Name: TemplateRoot
Description: A class for root elements of the template parse tree.
TemplateToken Name: TemplateToken
Description: A base class for template tokens.
TemplateTokenContainer Name: TemplateTokenContainer
Description: A base class for statement token containers.
TokenAncestor Title: AncestorDefinition
Description: Helper class for definitions of ancestors.

Exception Summary
AssertionException Name: AssertionException
Description: A class for assertion failures thrown by the ExpressionInterpreter.
StatementException Name: StatementException
Description: A class used to report exceptions, that occur in class ExpressionInterpreter when handling statements.
TemplateException Name: TemplateException
Description: Description of the class.

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