Package org.ujac.util.table.test

Class Summary
AllTableTests Name: AllTableTests
Description: Test suite running all table test cases.
BeanTableTest Name: BeanTableTest
Description: Test cases for BeanTable class.
BeanTableTest.TestBean Name: TestBean
Description: A test bean for the bean table.
FilteredTableTest Name: FilteredTableTest
Description: Tests for the class FilteredTable.
FunctionExecutorTest Name: FunctionExecutorTest
Description: Test cases for function executors.
PivotTableTest Name: PivotTableTest
Description: A JUnit test for pivot tables.
ReportTableTest Name: ReportTableTest
Description: A JUnit test for report tables.
TableSerializerTest Name: TableSerializerTest
Description: Tests for the TableSerializer.
TableTest Name:
Description: Description of class.

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