Package org.ujac.util

Interface Summary
TypeConverter Name: TypeConverter
Description: An interface for type converters.
UjacTypes Name: UjacTypes
Description: Defines common types.

Class Summary
BeanComparator Name: BeanComparator
Description: Generic comparator for java beans.
BeanUtils Name: BeanUtils
Description: Class providing common utility methods for java bean access.
CollectionUtils Name: CollectionUtils
Description: A class providing methods to ease the handling of collections.
CompareTuple Title: CompareTuple
Description: Holds tuples of field names and directions to sort by.
DateUtils Name: DateUtils
Description: Provides calendar and date utilities for more convenient date handling.
DefaultTypeConverter Name: DefaultTypeConverter
Description: The default type converter implementation.
StopWatch Name: StopWatch
Description: A class for time measurements.
StringUtils Name: StringUtils
Description: Class providing common utility methods for String operations.
UjacTypeHelper Name: UjacTypes
Description: Provides helper methods for string to type conversion and back.

Exception Summary
BeanException Name: BeanException
Description: A class for bean related exceptions.
TypeConverterException Name: TypeConverterException
Description: An exception thrown in case a type conversion failed.
UjacException Name: UjacException
Description: The base UJAC exception class.

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