Package org.ujac.print

Interface Summary
AttributeHandler Name: AttributeParser
Description: Parses argument values from given strings.
CellContainer Name: CellContainer
Description: An interface for classes who are capable of containing table cells.
ColorRegistry Name: ColorRegistry
Description: An interface for color registries.
CommonAttributesHolder Name: CommonAttributesHolder
Description: An interface for elements which define the 'line-spacing' and 'leading' attributes.
Condition Name: Condition
Description: An interface for classes who are capable of evaluating conditions.
ContentFilter Name: ContentFilter
Description: Defines an interface for content filters.
DocumentDataAccessor Name: DocumentDataAccessor
Description: Interface allowing custom access to external data from self implemented tags.
DocumentEventRecorder Name: DocumentEventRecorder
Description: An interface for classes that are recording document events.
DocumentTagFactory Name: DocumentTagFactory
Description: Interface for document tag factories.
DocumentTagInterceptor Name: DocumentTagInterceptor
Description: Interface for tag interceptor classes.
ElementContainer Name: ElementContainer
Description: An interface for classes who are capable of containing elements.
FontHolder Name: FontHolder
Description: An interface for font holding items.
ItemHolder Name: ItemHolder
Description: An interface for item holding tags.
JavascriptContainer Name: JavascriptContainer
Description: Interfaces for tags which allow to add JavaScript code.
NewPageHandler Name: NewPageHandler
Description: Handles new page requests.
ParameterDefHolder Name: ParameterDefHolder
Description: An interface for parameter definition holding items.
ParameterHolder Name: ParameterHolder
Description: An interface for parameter holding tags.
PdfCellContainer Name: PdfCellContainer
Description: An interface for classes who are capable of containing PDF table cells.
PdfTableHolder Name: PdfTableHolder
Description: Interface for tags, holding PDF tables.
PhraseHolder Name: PhraseHolder
Description: An interface for classes holding phrases.
StyleHolder Name: StyleHolder
Description: An interface for tags that can hold style attributes.
StyleParser Name: StyleParser
Description: An interface for style attribute parsers.
TagBuilder Name: TagBuilder
Description: Interface for document tag builders.

Class Summary
AbstractTagTest Name: AbstractTagTest
Description: An abstract tag test implementation, used at class TestTagInterceptor to define single tag tests during document processing.
AliasTagBuilder Name: AliasTagBuilder
Description: Tag builder for tag aliases.
AttributeDefinition Name: AttributeDefinition
Description: A class for attribute definitions.
AttributeDefinitionMap Name: AttributeDefinitionMap
Description: An optimized container for AttributeDefinition instances.
AwtFont Name: AwtFont
Description: Special AWT Font implementation which enables proper font handling at iText PDF graphics.
BaseCustomTag Name: BaseCustomTag
Description: This is class is intended as a base class for custom tags.
BaseDocumentTag Name: BaseDocumentTag
Description: Base implementation for tags, processed by the DocumentHandler class.
BooleanAttributeHandler Name: BooleanAttributeHandler
Description: Attribute handler for boolean attributes.
BorderAttributeHandler Name: BorderAttributeHandler
Description: Attribute handler for border style attributes.
ChildDefinition Name: ChildDefinition
Description: A class for child definitions.
ChildDefinitionMap Name: ChildDefinitionMap
Description: An optimized container for ChildDefinitionMap instances.
ColorAttributeHandler Name: ColorAttributeHandler
Description: Attribute handler for color attributes.
DefaultAttributeHandler Name: DefaultAttributeParser
Description: Default AttributeHandler implementation.
DefaultContentFilter Name: DefaultContentFilter
Description: Default ContentFilter implementation.
DefaultDocumentTagFactory Name: DefaultDocumentTagFactory
Description: Default document tag factory implementation.
DefaultStyleParser Name: DefaultStyleParser
Description: Default StyleParser implementation.
DefaultTagBuilder Name: DefaultTagBuilder
Description: The default TagBuilder implementation.
builds a document tag by simply creating an instance of the specified class, which has to be a sub class of BaseDocumentTag of course.
DimensionAttributeHandler Name: DimensionAttributeHandler
Description: Attribute handler for dimension attributes.
DocumentationGenerator Name: DocumentationGenerator
Description: A class generating the documentation for the item set according to the meta data, served by the DocumentTagFactory and the items themselves.
DocumentEvent Name: DocumentEvent
Description: A class holding document event informations.
DocumentFont Name: DocumentFont
Description: A class holding font informations.
DocumentFontMapper Name: DocumentFontMapper
Description: UJAC print module specific FontMapper implementation.
DocumentHandler Name: DocumentHandler
Description: XML content handler, managing core tasks of the XML to iText processing framework.
DocumentHandlerComponentRegistry Name: DocumentHandlerComponentRegistry
Description: A singleton maintaining static resources for the document handler.
DocumentHolder Name: DocumentHolder
Description: A class holding document data plus extra informations.
DocumentMetaData Title: DocumentMetaData
Description: Holds meta data for PDF documents.
DocumentPageEventHandler Name: DocumentPageEventHandler
Description: A base class for page event handlers.
DocumentPrinter Name: DocumentPrinter
Description: A class printing xml based documents.
DocumentTagInterceptorSupport Name: DocumentTagInterceptorSupport
Description: Empty implementation of the DocumentTagInterceptor interface for convenience.
DocumentTransformHelper Name: DocumentTransformHelper
Description: A class which enables more efficient XML transform result processing.
DoubleAttributeHandler Name: DoubleAttributeHandler
Description: Attribute handler for double attributes.
DtdGenerator Title: DtdGenerator
Description: Provides command line access to the static method generateDtd.
DynamicContentContainer Name: DynamicContentContainer
Description: A container tag holding results of dynamic content evaluation.
EscapeSequenceTextAttributeHandler Name: EscapeSequenceTextAttributeHandler
Description: Attribute handler for texts which may hold escape sequences.
FloatAttributeHandler Name: BooleanAttributeHandler
Description: Attribute handler for float attributes.
HorizontalAlignmentAttributeHandler Name: HorizontalAlignmentAttributeHandler
Description: Attribute handler for horizontal alignment attributes.
ImageCopy Name: ImageCopy
Description: A image copy.
IndexItem Name: IndexItem
Description: A class for index items.
IntegerAttributeHandler Name: IntegerAttributeHandler
Description: Attribute handler for integer attributes.
OutlineItem Name: OutlineItem
Description: A class holding informations about outline items.
PagePosition Name: PagePosition
Description: A class holding positions within a document page.
These positions may be negative which means the position will be calculated by the methods calcX/calcY to place the object relative to the right/top edge of the page instead of the left/bottom edge.
ParameterDefinition Name: ParameterDefinition
Description: A class, defining parameters.
PdfHelper Name: PdfHelper
Description: Provides PDF processing related helper methods.
TestTagInterceptor Name: TestTagInterceptor
Description: Implementation of the DocumentTagInterceptor interface for testing use.
TextAttributeHandler Name: TextAttributeHandler
Description: Attribute handler for textual attributes.
TocItem Name: TocItem
Description: A class holding informations about table of contents entries (chapters or sessions for example).
TraceTagInterceptor Name: TraceTagInterceptor
Description: Implementation of the DocumentTagInterceptor interface for tracing use.
TrueTypeFontHolder Name: TrueTypeFontHolder
Description: A class holding true type fonts for the possible font styles.
TypedAttributeHandler Name: TypedAttributeHandler
Description: The base class for typed attribute handlers.
VerticalAlignmentAttributeHandler Name: VerticalAlignmentAttributeHandler
Description: Attribute handler for vertical alignment attributes.
XmlSchemaGenerator Name: XmlSchemaGenerator
Description: Provides command line access to the static method generateXmlSchema at class DocumentTagFactory .

Exception Summary
AssertionException Name: AssertionException
Description: A class for assertion failures thrown by the <assert> tag.
DocumentHandlerException Name:
Description: A class for document handler related exceptions.
TagAttributeException Name:
Description: An exception class for tag attribute errors.
TagInstantiationException Name:
Description: An exception class thrown in case a tag could not be instantiated by a tag factory.

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